Do ‘The Airconditioning People’ service air conditioners?

YES – We service Cool Breeze Evaporative Airconditioners, for other brands that we sell we can recommend expert experienced service technicians

Is it safe to leave my air conditioner on while I am not at home?

It is safe to leave your reverse cycle air conditioner on when you are not home – providing it is regularly serviced and inspected.

What is a split system?

A split system has an indoor and outdoor section, joined by refrigeration pipes.
For example, high wall splits, ducted reverse cycle and cassettes are split systems.

How much does air conditioning cost to run?

This depends on many factors including unit, insulation rating/material on ducting and componentry, quality of installation and design of system.

How long will my air conditioner last?

A good quality system will last long past its 5 year warranty period, provided it is well maintained.
How often should the air conditioner be serviced?
Once a year is recommended to check for blockages, cleanliness etc.

How often should I clean the return air filter?

Once a month in peak seasons – for example Summer and Winter. In other seasons check regularly to see if your filter is dirty – if it is, it would be ideal to clean your filter
Wash your filters gently on a path with a hose – never vacuum your filter as it will damage the filter.