Do ‘The Airconditioning People’ service air conditioners?

  • YES – We service Cool Breeze Air conditioning, for other brands that we sell we can arrange their expert experienced service techs to visit your home


Is it safe to leave my air conditioner on while I am not at home?

  • It is safe to leave your reverse cycle air conditioner on when you are not home – providing it is regularly serviced and inspected.
  • We recommend leaving your reverse cycle air conditioner on during a heat wave at about 3 degrees higher than you would usually run it. When you get home the house is at a reasonable temperature and you can then lower it is you desire. This is another reason why air conditioners should be maintained and serviced at least once a year.


Why 24 degrees all year round?

  • The higher the temperature in your home the less it cost you to run in the long term
  • 24 degrees is the temperature at which an air conditioner runs most efficient and economical.


What is a split system?

  • A split system has an indoor and outdoor section, joined by refrigeration pipes.
  • For example, high walls, ducted, cassette, floor or ceiling mounted units are split systems.


How much does air conditioning cost to run?

  • This depends on your air conditioning equipment – we can advice you after designing a system for your home


How long will my air conditioner last?

  • A good quality system will last long past its 5 year warranty period, provided it is well maintained.
  • How often should the air conditioner be serviced?
  • Once a year is recommended to check for blockages, cleanliness etc.


How often should I clean the return air filter?

  • Once a month in peak seasons – for example Summer and Winter. In other seasons check regularly to see if your filter is dirty – if it is, it would be ideal to clean your filter
  • Wash your filters gently on a path with a hose – never vacuum your filter as it will damage the filter.
  • You will be able to vacuum your grilles

You can find more answers to FAQ’s on the Government Energy Rating site.

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