Air Conditioning Specialists Adelaide


The Air Conditioning People are Adelaide’s air conditioning specialists – when looking for the best company in Adelaide for all of your air conditioning needs it is hard to go past The Air Conditioning People. We have a massive range of air conditioners and take care of the all steps and processes involved from first purchase all the way through to the installations, modifications and completion of all projects and developments.

Making the right decision for heating and cooling is an important decision to make – whether it is for summer or winter, split system, evaporative or ducted reverse cycle – The Air Conditioning People are a one stop shop for all air conditioning needs in Adelaide and South Australia.

Every home, project and development is different – what works for one may not work for others. So choosing the rite system for all needs is ideal for the harsh summers and winters the hit Adelaide. We choose the right systems and air conditioners to suit your needs. In choosing the Air Conditioning People our expert staff will take care of all things from contact, quotes and inspections of your home, apartment, business or office for all heating and cooling needs.


Heating and cooling Adelaide – we have the right system for you.


Whether you are after a split system air conditioner, or ducted reverse cycle air conditioning, or even an evaporative air conditioning system The Air Conditioning People are best to go to for air conditioning in Adelaide with many brands to suit everyone’s needs.




Evaporative Air Conditioning Adelaide


The Air Conditioning People have been specialists in air conditioning in Adelaide for over 20 years and have been specialising in evaporative air conditioning since our beginnings. Our knowledgeable staff and workers are more than willing to work hand in hand with you to pick the best option possible for your heating and cooling.


Let us help you find the perfect split system air conditioning solution.


For the best range of split system air conditioning in Adelaide you can’t go past The AirConditioning People. Split system air conditioners are the ideal cooling and heating systems for all rooms and areas in a home or business. With the ability to control room temperatures individually, this energy efficient system is the ideal system that comes in a variety of settings for all your needs.

A climate such as Adelaide’s nothing beats a temperature control system that responds efficiently and effectively as a split system air conditioning unit. The biggest benefit in this system is that you can choose the room to where the heating and cooling goes to.


We can supply and fit all major brands that are both popular, reliable and energy efficient

  • Wall mounted units
  • Wall mounted consoles
  • Daikin
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Toshiba
  • Samsung


Ducted Air Conditioning Adelaide


For the best range of ducted air conditioning in Adelaide you can’t go past The Air Conditioning People.

  • Discreet air conditioned comfort throughout
  • Flexible tailored systems to suit your needs
  • Zoned systems to minimise energy consumption
  • Premium and Standard Inverter systems
  • Ductair quality fittings


The Air Conditioning People Projects:


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